"This exceptional piece of musical theater will fill your heart with touching moments and moving lyrics."

"This show is astoundingly beautiful...wow!"

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"Audition is one of the most engaging plays we've seen."

"I loved this show from beginning to end and hope you do a cast recording of this great score!"
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ABOUT THE playwright

John Bankhead is an American writer, director, producer, and composer. His body of work covers theater, commercials, film, and the recording arts with thematic compositions ranging from the Short Film Network and Special Olympics International to Emmy-Nominated Morning Show Music and the 125th Anniversary of Nevada.


Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, John's musical stylings draw heavily from the fabric of American culture, molding his skills within the colorful arts scene of New Orleans and other influential areas throughout the U.S. and abroad. 


Bankhead’s first original musical, WORK THAT SKIRT (Book), was produced and ran for an extended period on the world's largest stage at the GRAND THEATRE.  He is currently in development of a new production - MISTAKEN (Book, Music, Lyrics), an original two-act musical set in Louisiana.


John lives in the Sierra near Lake Tahoe. He is a member of The Dramatists Guild and ASCAP.

“John Bankhead is one of the most creative people that I have worked with. A true entrepreneur and a real "people person." He is simply a terrific guy - easy to work with, he cares about others and John deserves all of his present and future successes.”

Barry Jekowsky
Founder, California Symphony

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AUDITION The Musical

Book, music, and lyrics by John Bankhead

One-Act Play

Approximate run time - 70 minutes

Actors play the instruments - guitar, piano, cajon, hand percussion (flute, harmonica)



Set in a small New England town at the fictional Berkshire Regional Theater, AUDITION is the story of  a small group of community theater actors who brave

a heavy winter storm for a chance at starring in a famous, yet strangely mysterious, playwright’s next Broadway production. AUDITION utilizes multi-talents of the actors while requiring a minimal set that can be dressed with existing props already in their respective space. Costuming makes use of street clothes

except the character of Frankee, an aspiring

costume designer and the audition pianist.

"In a sense, AUDITION is a play within a

play, performed by the very artisans to

which it pays tribute.


Small venues in towns and schools where actors do it solely for their love of the medium and craft. All artists have the dream that maybe someday they can quit their "day gig" and make a living doing what they love. 

Sometimes the acting and singing is great. Sometimes it’s over the top. Sometimes it’s just plain bad. But it is always from the heart. All its triumphs and flaws are what makes it such a wonderful place to bring a show to life. It’s in the name - community. Together as one, supporting each other. That is what this play is about.


A tribute to all who dream that dream. Simple. Touching. Quirky. Heartwarming. Ode to great musicals of the past that local theaters, high schools, and colleges use as their staples today." 

John Bankhead, Playwright/Lyricist/Composer 

AUDITION The Musical - Original Production, Good Luck Macbeth Theatre

Director: Joe Atack

Braxton: Brad Fitch, Zoe: Jesse Briggs, Angus: Ryan Kelly, Amelia: Jill Marlene, Caleb: John Frederick,

Frankee: Bill Quimby, Grace: Kalyn Payton


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Photos By Dana Nollsch

Photos By Dana Nollsch


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